In October 2017, the Board of Education authorized the Superintendent to form a committee to explore the possibility of having a Sinking Fund.  A group consisting of community members, parents, teachers, building administrators, and central office personnel came together in late October, calling itself the Sinking Fund Exploratory Committee. This committee met several times during the months of November, December, and January to tour all campus, athletic, and maintenance facilities in the district.  The committee developed a list of projects that could potentially be addressed using Sinking Fund monies, obtained estimates for these projects, prioritized them, and presented this information to the Board of Education in January 2018.  The committee recommended that the Board pursue a Sinking Fund millage of 2.2 mills for a period of five years.

The Sinking Fund Exploratory Committee based its recommendation on several factors.  Members of the committee wanted to balance raising enough money to make needed upgrades, improvements, and repairs without placing too large a burden on homeowners in the district.  For example, the taxable value of the average home in Escanaba is approximately $44,000.00.  A levy of 2.2 mills on a home with a taxable value of $44,000.00 ($2.20 x 44) equals $96.80 per year, or $8.06 per month.  If the taxable value of your home is higher or lower, the amount you pay would adjust accordingly.  The committee also opted for a five-year period instead of a ten-year period because members felt this would give the community a reasonable time in which to evaluate the district’s use of Sinking Fund monies.  If the district and community see the value in continuing to have a Sinking Fund, it will be taken to another vote in five years.

After hearing the Sinking Fund Exploratory Committee’s recommendation, the Board of Education voted on February 12, 2018 to adopt a resolution to place a 2.2 mill Sinking Fund on the May 8, 2018 ballot.  If approved, this will be a five-year millage. In EAPS, Sinking Fund monies may be used for:

  • School Security Possible projects include constructing secure entrances for all buildings, installing lockdown systems, and making camera system upgrades.

  • Technology Possible projects include improving our infrastructure, phasing in a program to provide a laptop for each student, and adding instructional technology in classrooms.

  • Repairs Possible projects include replacing leaking roofs, improving playgrounds, repairing parking lots, and making money-saving energy upgrades.

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