The Escanaba Area Public Schools maintains more than 400,000 square feet in five school buildings and multiple athletic sites. These facilities support many different programs for both the schools and the community. Because we serve so many different needs, our responsibility as a district is to restore and prepare these sites to serve current and future generations. Our newest campus, Webster Elementary, was completed in the 1990s, and our other buildings and facilities are much older. In fact, the average age of our buildings is 57 years. While monies from bonds approved in 2001 and 2010 have been invaluable, our buildings and athletic sites continue to age and require regular repair and modernization that can’t be done under Michigan’s current public school funding model, which has grown at nearly the slowest rate in the nation and has not kept pace with inflation.

In addition to upgrading and keeping our facilities in good repair, the district must also be prepared to deal with unexpected damages or loss. Examples of this include mold remediation at the Igloo Locker Room during the summer of 2017, boilers at Soo Hill that required replacement in the fall of 2017, and recently discovered windstorm damage to the roof over the auditorium at the Upper Elementary, which is currently under repair at substantial cost to the District. Most of this work is not covered by insurance. And, because many of our facilities are out of warranty, insurance often pays a depreciated cost rather than replacement cost.

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