Student Assistance Program

The Escanaba School social workers and school nurse, through the Student Assistance Program, help to identify and work to resolve the social, emotional and health concerns of students which may interfere with their attendance, achievement, and adjustment in school. Also, the school social workers and nurse help parents to better understand their children and to learn more about the programs and services provided by the school and/or community. Further, the school social workers and nurse work together to help make school a successful and relevant experience for our students.

What can the Student Assistance Program do to help my child?

  • Assist families in identifying their child’s educational and/or health needs
  • Provide support to parents and students having family difficulties (divorce, death, illness, etc)
  • Community resource and referral information
  • Provide focus groups on social and health related issues
  • School attendance tracking

Who can be referred?

Students in grades K-8 who may be experiencing:

  • Frequent absences or tardiness
  • School related anxiety
  • Divorce, illness, or death in their lives
  • Aggressive or inappropriate behavior
  • Health related issues
  • Learning problems

Who refers students?

  • Principals
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Community agencies
  • Students themselves
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