Parent FAQ

Can my student still apply for scholarships?

Yes. Students will apply for Escanaba High School priority scholarships with their classmates. Scholarships awarded through Escanaba High School will be deferred and available for the student to use after the 5th year. Community scholarships vary in when students would apply. Please check with the community specific scholarship for questions. FAFSA related scholarships and grants will be applied for during the 5th year.

Will my student lose out on freshman scholarships because of this program?

Students in Early Middle College will be treated as “incoming Freshman” after the 5th year. That way they are eligible for all related scholarships, just like a traditional student. Additionally, they will have the benefit of already having earned credit, which has registration benefits. Please note each institution has different requirements regarding required Freshman Orientation and living in on-campus housing. Please check with your individual institution about specific requirements. Select 'EMC Links' at left for some helpful links.

What is the requirement for the high school diploma in the 5th year?

The only requirement for a student to obtain the high school diploma is the completion of the Michigan Merit Curriculum, including a math or math related course in the final year of school. Early Middle College students will take a math/math related course in the 5th year.

I am worried about the Math related requirement, can you explain this to me?

Students can choose a wide variety of courses to fulfill this requirement including traditional math, chemistry, business classes, physics classes, economics or any class that includes a math component. We try to have the student enroll in the math related class in the first semester. That way there is still time to take another math related class, in the case of a student being unsuccessful. We have a variety of options, including online high school courses to fulfill this requirement.

Can my student still walk across the stage with his or her original cohort?


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